Show Them How It’s Done

A couple had been courting each other for over a year and finally got married. The night after the wedding, the bride woke up alone in bed to the smell of fresh coffee and delicious food. Her husband had taken a shower and was cooking breakfast. She though “I never pictured him as being this type. Lucky me”.

The husband brought breakfast in bed for her. The woman was delighted to see that he had brought the paper & fresh flowers along with breakfast which was – two eggs scrambled, 3 slices of toast, butter, jam, bacon, freshly squeezed orange juice and strong black coffee & cream. Her new husband feed it to her as they browsed the paper.

Satisfied and congratulating herself on the best catch she could ever find, the wife settled back against the pillows and sighed with pleasure. “Was eveything to your satisfaction, dear”? he asked. “Yes, nothing short of excellent honey” she replied. “Good” and he smiled.

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“Ok, now that you’ve got the download, this is how I like to have my breakfast every day.”

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