Six Amazing Facts About Andorra

Andorra doesn’t have an airport. One of the craziest facts about Andorra is that it’s among the few countries in the world which don’t have an airport. And since it doesn’t have a coastline, you can reach Andorra only by land from France or Spain. If you want to explore the tiny principality, the best way to do so is on a day trip from Barcelona to Andorra. The nearest international airports are in Barcelona, Spain and Toulouse, France.

Andorra is microscopic. It’s the 16th smallest country globally by area, the 11th smallest by population. In terms of land, Andorra is just 181 sq. mi (468 sq. km). This makes it 3.3x smaller than London or 1.66x tinier than New York. You can get from one end of the country to the opposite in less than an hour. To drive across Andorra, you’ll only need to cover 25 mi (40 km). The ride takes around 50-60 minutes because it meanders around the craggy mountaintops.

Andorra is the only co-principality in the world. A principality is a state that’s ruled by a prince. An example of a principality is Monaco. However, Andorra is not a principality but a co-principality. Why? Because two princes rule the country together. The following might be the craziest fact about Andorra: neither of them was born in the tiny country! One of them is the French president. The other one is the Bishop of Urgell, Spain. Currently, they are Emmanuel Macron and Joan Enric Vives Sicília.

Andorra is the only country in the world, which has Catalan as its official language. Catalan is spoken in several regions of Spain, in a few spots in France, and on the island of Sardinia. But the only country that uses Catalan as its official language is Andorra.

Andorra is a heaven for retail trade. Due to the low or nonexistent taxes and the lack of customs duties, the country turned into an important international center of retail trade. Every year, it attracts millions of shoppers from Europe and beyond. Ever wanted to go nuts on shopping? Well, that’s one of the best things to do in Andorra.

The country receives the most tourists per capita in the world. This is one of most surprising facts about Andorra. Over 10 million tourists visit the tiny 77,000-people country every year. Most of them are either French or Spanish citizens. They travel to Andorra for duty-free shopping or to visit the country’s magnificent resorts. Another mind-blowing Andorra fact is that tourism comprises 80% of the total GDP!

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