Slow Times @ Calicut Beach

download merlin and the war of the dragons online The beach has always been a part of my life. Heck I live in Cochin – the Queen of the Arabian sea! That being said, I don’t actually live anywhere near the beach. But my mother’s native town is Mattancherry and it’s a short drive away to Fort Kochi beach. Growing up in Kuwait, my family would visit the beach there once in a while. And ofcourse, I can’t forget my very memorable visit to Kovalam beach, where I saw my first topless women (I hadn’t yet turned 16).

While I worked & lived for 8 months in Calicut back in 2002/03, I would visit the beach there often with my friends. Since we were paid almost nothing (due to the company haveing problems) cash was a major problem. You didn’t need much cash to go to the beach. Just the bus fare there and back. And we would sample some of the sidewalk vendors’ wares as we passed many a late afternoon and evening there. Peanuts, pickled cucumbers, onion bajji, pineapple slices & once in a while beer. We had them all.

My friends & collegues from Aysha Infotech (the company I worked for then) also loved the beach. Shinoy, Anoop, Mujeeb, Mini, Neelima, Nisha, Rajesh – I can barely remember their faces. Shinoy, Anoop & Mujeeb were the closest to me and we tried to keep in touch for a few more years but by 2006, I had lost all contact with the three.

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During one visit, the drummer from Calicut rock band Dreadlockz was there for one of his marathon drumming sessions. He would set up a minimalistic drum kit and go at it for hours at a time. The time that we saw him, the wind kept blowing down his cymbal stands. It was surreal to hear him banging on the drums, with his long hair blowing all over his face. Most locals thought he was weird. Us rockers thought he was cool.
I miss the beach in Calicut and when I do visit the city again, I must go and catch up with my old friends and maybe sit with them at the beach like those times.

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3 thoughts on “Slow Times @ Calicut Beach

  1. I also have very fond memories of the beach, particularly as I used to surf. I have had great picnics there, collected shells and driftwood and just relaxed. It really is a magical place.

  2. The ones in Kerala are not really neat. We don’t take care of our beaches – the Fort Kochi one is almost gone completely, but that is nature’s doing. I recently went to Cherai beach for the first time (it’s about 90 minutes away) and although I went there at night, it was quite a nice beach.

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