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hounddog dvd The long overdue smoking ban in public places has been enforced in India from the 2nd of October onwards. This is a step in the right direction and it brings about a much needed change in Indian life. I’m glad to say that I haven’t seen a single cigarette in the 3 days since the ban.

I’m a former smoker but to tell you the truth, I smoked very infrequently. I smoked a few here & there with my friends when I was 17 & 18 and would have only finished off a pack in a month or two. I smoked because my friends smoked and because my cousins smoked. The most I have smoked is at 19 when I was in Bangalore and almost everyone in my hostel smoked. When I came back to Cochin, I smoked even lesser & lesser. Finally when I was 22 I stopped and have never smoked a cigarette since. The things irritate me now and I am glad that I got rid of those shitty things.

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The smell of smoke pisses me off now and I often rebuke my team members who come in to the office reaking of smoke. I abhor going into bars where most patrons smoke and fill the air with that disgusting smell. I hate public smoking and now I don’t have to bear it.

download elsewhere Ofcourse I am not naive. It’s not going away all together. But it’s a start and a good start. Today when I went into my fa bar, the no-smoking signs were on all four walls. I can breathe much better now. I don’t have to fear when I take a deep breath and my lungs fill in with that awful stinking smoke. Ahhh! My country has made a good decision.

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  1. England made this law about 18 months ago and I love it. I never smoked and I hate the smell of it so it’s good to know when I go somewhere I don’t have to come home stinky..

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