Smoking In Bars & Pubs

I am currently posting this from a lounge style bar. Just having a beer and some fish for lunch.

Ok on the subject of smoking in bars and pubs, I am totally against it. I’m a former smoker, although I smoked quite infrequently. Like I have stated before, I smoked because my cousins and some friends smoked. I was 18 when I started and smoked for almost 4 years when I just quit thinking I needed to. I have bronchitic asthma and it just made sense. Since then I haven’t smoke a single cigarette and although I’d like to get some cigars for the odd occasion I haven’t yet.

The smell of cigarette does put me off. It stinks, unless you smoke menthol ones. I can’t be in the same closed room as a smoker now because of my breathing issues although I’m ok if there is a big window or if we are outside. I have stood outside my old office and joined conversations with colleagues who were smoking at the time, while I stood a little bit away. But not in a closed room. Which is why I was so glad when my state banned smoking in bars and restaurants. I don’t think smoking is good plus the stench, stink and smoke is an inconvenience to those around you. Some clubs over here do allow you to smoke in the open sections of their dining areas or they have smoking zones. That is ok. But having to breathe in second smoke without you wanting to is just bad (I wouldn’t know of anyone who would like to taken in second hand smoke by choice anyway) and it is more harmful than smoking itself.

My cousin used to either leave the room and go up to the second floor of her house or get her father to smoke outside the house. While it might seem funny or cruel to some, I used to applaud her for it. That’s what I have to say about the topic. Now if only they could manufacture cigars that give out some delicious flavoured and totally harmless gas when lit! I would so pick it up again!

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  1. I was a life-long smoker. I started stealing them from my mom when I was in gr6 (so…11ish?) and I quit when I was 37, so I remember smoking in the movie theatre, in the office (!), in the convenience store I worked at…basically everywhere. They started outlawing indoor smoking while I still smoked, but by then I had bought my own house and went outside to smoke so it was no big deal (but let me tell you, outdoor smoking in Canada in the winter is a great motivation to quit!).
    Now, if I travel to somewhere (some places in Quebec, or NY) where they still allow indoor smoking it’s really bizarre. The thing that gets me most is unsecured payday loans how much you STINK of smoke after being in a bar…although I suppose it’s a great cover if you wanted to be sneaking a puff on the sly. *G*
    And I’m totally with you on the non-lethal smokes, the tagline of my old blog was ‘screw the space program, find me a smoke that won’t kill me’

  2. You’re not allowed to smoke in any bar or restaurant in Sydney now. You get fined. I think it’s great because there’s nothing worse than eating your dinner and having to smell the ciggies of the people at the table next to you *choke choke splutter*

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