Smooth like This

Woke up so late that I kind of felt like going back to sleep for the rest of the morning. But I was woken up by a phone call by Reshma, who wanted me to see if there were any good girls of marriageable age and of the Ezhava caste, for her cousin! When the heck did I become a marriage broker? When I asked her this question, she said that she was asking all her friends to look out for someone as her cousin is becoming quite desperate after being unsuccessful for a long time. I would have guessed that he’d be smothered in proposals, since he is a very successful businessman in Abu Dhabi. If he can’t find a girl, then what about the rest of us poor slobs?

I decided to get up and stretch, get coffee and went to watch CNN & BBC for a while, then turned to watch yesterday’s EPL football highlights. There were some wonderful attempts on goals and some goals yesterday.

Switched on the pc and started listening to music and downloading some at the moment. By about noon, we had a nice little rain going on that really set the mood. As I sat here in my room, with a cool wind blowing against my back, the sound of the rain falling on open windows, a cup of strong black coffee in my hand – and this song starts playing on my mp3 player.

Gray socks and black shoes, black hair and eyes so true
A smile like a cool wind blowing through lips that kiss like a fool
These are the memories I have of you
No, these are the gifts I took from you

Your skin is so close to mine that it seems to know my name
And your laugh — well, let’s just say
Something wicked this way came
And in this old hotel my heart pounds like a drum
It beats with the rhythm of missing you
This is the rhythm of missing you

Take a look at the blind man, fool ain’t got no cain,
Blind man is dancing, in the driving rain,
Well I am that blind Man and I can finally see,
What I’ve always know : you belong to me

There ain’t nothing wrong with this hotel that a big bomb couldn’t fix
My doorman he’s a reprobate and the maid she’s been turning tricks
And in my broken sleep I wake up from some pain
My heart drifts through the window and sails into the rain

Oh Lord, I miss you, I miss you here in the dark
This comes from Nashville, baby
It’s a call from a wounded heart
And if I want this heart of mine to ever mend
I guess I’m gonna have to find you again

Yeah, I’ll have to find you again

Song for the day – “Blind Man” – PAUL GROSS

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