Snow Fall Is A Dream I Have Yet To Experience

Even though I don’t believe in the religious aspects of the holiday, this season is very special. And it’s what people do and decorate that makes it magical. I must say that I would love to experience a snow falling on the ground December. Ofcourse only if I have ways to keep myself warm; indoor heating and winter clothes.

I’d like to see myself in a big house with all the modern amenities inside it. Proper nice bedrooms with a big comfy bed. Bathroom with proper running water, shower, toilet and bidet, sink and mirror. High speed internet and a big screen tv. Proper kitchen, stocked to the brim with all sorts of meat & veggies, drinks and goodies. Nice living room with big sofas, lush carpet and yes that big ole fireplace. Some entertainment stuff like a pool table, darts etc. I can imagine myself just sitting there on a big chair next to the lake, drinking an Irish Coffee with Baileys or a hot cocoa.

Enjoying the light snow falling outside on the streets and in the backyard and enjoying seeing people out going for dinner or visiting family/friends and kid excite at the prospect of presents in the next few days. Coming into the family  room, I check on the burning logs on the fire place keeping the rooms cozy and warm. My Golden retriever, 2 cats and a black Lab/Dalmatian dog all settling themselves on big pet beds in front of the fireplace, half asleep with the cold breeze outside but feeling warm and safe inside. It’s time for dinner.

Me cooking up some big old pork chops with grilled veggies while my female partner opens up a bottle of wine. She places a glass for me, while she takes a sip from her glass and goes to pet the fur babies who shower her with love. Food ready, we first serve the pets and the settle down for a nice meal and conversation. Dinner all done, the pets with their bellies full are back on the beds next to the fireplace while she and I cuddle with a blanket on the sofa facing the fireplace before picking a movie to watch.

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