So Not Worth It

Working for a corporate company that’s located in a metro city and you are siting in the south. All the stress and none of the glory or the glamour. Demands for data & analysis at the drop of a hat. They change all the formats and expect the reports to come to you yesterday.

The work is piling up and the pressure mounts. Ungrateful clients who do not know a thing and yet are arrogant & who have the upper hand just because they are the clients.

Longer hours, married women with kids having issues at home because of said long hours. I had to sit with one lady (not in my department) who was upset because of the long hours piled on her, especially since her team lead is lying ill at home, and she was facing trouble because her folks do not like her working late. Added to that, the pressure to complete unexpected reports at the last moment. My second in command is a married girl who has a 3 year old kid and I needed her to work a 12 hour today as well. I did what I could and arranged for a cab for  both ladies at 9 pm.

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