So We Have The New Laptop All Setup

Yesterday I took a sick day as I wasn’t feeling so great, with a bad cough and sinusitis, and I took that opportunity to install Windows 7 on my new Dell Vostro. I haven’t done this in a long while and I had to do it a few times before I got it right. Mostly I was having a problem with partioning the drive into the sizes that I wanted. I thought I had gotten it right but I had call someone and get the right way to do it.


By afternoon though I had to stop and take rest post a late lunch as I wanted to lie down due to the effects of the cough and wheezing plus I had taken some medicine. By late evening and I started anew on the laptop and got it right this time. Most of last night and this morning was installing the applications and software that I usually use. I also needed a couple of drivers for the system as well. Then it was onto copying the various images, photos and videos from my external hard drives that I had copied onto and which were on my old laptop.


That is mostly completed now and all that remains is the huge collection of Mp3s that I have. That will take some time so I might get to it only by tomorrow. Otherwise we are good to go. I am going to clean out the old Lenovo laptop and give it to my dad for his office – he and his co-worker need a spare computer for their work at the NGO they go to.

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