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I’ve been meaning to add a link to some of the social networking themes at the end of my posts in order to make it easy for my readers to link them. Yesterday was the first time that I actually started looking for a WordPress plugin to make that job easier. I tried 3 such plugins last evening but none of them worked the way that I wanted them to work. And one didn’t work at all. Even if I followed the instructions to a T.

I almost gave up on it, when I got a pop up saying that someone has added me as a friend in Blogcatalog. I immediately went to check and saw it was this cool fella with the tough looking cat as his icon. When I checked out his website I saw that he had installed a plugin for social bookmarking. I sent him a message asking if he could guide me to where I could download it. It looks something like this at the end of every post.

Turns out he had just posted a tutorial on how to install & administer the same plugin. He sent me a reply message informing me the link and I went over to download Sociable. You can follow his tutorial here and either download the plugin there or at the WordPress’s Plugins page.

Sociable was created by Joose De Valk.

2 thoughts on “Sociable – Social Bookmarking Plugin

  1. I think it lets ur readers bookmark ur stuff easier and in return u mite get more readers. Do it love!

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