Social Media & Kids

How do you thinks social media is affecting our kids?

I am saying this with reference to kids in my area of India and what I have seen on social media. I am glad I do not have kids. The kids these days! They are nuts over this stupid thing called TikTok and make the dumbest videos of stupid movie dialogues and act it out while lip syncing to it. And they make the sickest and stupidest facial expressions.

You go to Facebook it is filled with young people from the ages of 25 and below to teenagers doing this stupid thing and sharing it. And Whatapp! The groups that I am in keep sharing some idiot or the other, who we don’t know, doing some idiotic thing on video. What is it with these folks?

I can understand doing a couple here and there but this is a series of insane stupidity and after a while they stop becoming even remotely funny. And worse, it’s spreading to some adults too! All in the name of getting a few likes and stupid comments. Damn you TikTok!

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF MARCH WRITING PROMPTS at TheSitsGirls

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