Some Days Off, Maybe?

What are you looking forward to in December?

Well we have a busy schedule coming up in November. Not that from mid-September to now hasn’t been busy. But with a new business deal being signed up between our company and our biggest clients, it looks like some very busy weeks ago. I guess I am going to be really tied up till mid December atleast and there may be some long days & nights at work.

Hopefully that will also mean that deserving we will also get some time off. Now the last time I had a few days off was at the beginning of March of this year when I took 3 days off and combined with my weekend I had 5 days of relaxation, of which I spent 3 days in a nice and comfortable hotel room. I want to do that again and see if I can afford it. At the moment probably not so I will see what I can save up from my part time thing I do on the side.

If so then I will take some of that cash and book myself in another place again and relax and chill out for 3-4 days and not answer any calls and leave my worries behind. I would love that a lot. I hope I can get that done without breaking the bank.

Prompt from 30 Days Of November Writing Prompts at The SitsGirls

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