Some Folks Should Just Not Have Kids

I have been a staunch believer of the fact that most parents have no right having kids of their own. Some of the people I have been unfortunate to have known have no clue as to what it means to be a parents. Men who think that their part is over after the sperm has left their sack and attached itself to an egg and matures to make a human. Or if they feed, clothe and send it to school but have no knowledge of the individual behind the label of the kid. Or worse, parents who burden their kids with their own broken & shattered dreams or what their idea of a person should be. Be that in studies, career, music, hobbies, work, marriage, sex and/or kids.

Yeah there are some parents who regulate their kids sex life. Who to marry and when to have sex. Probably even which position to do it that night “daughter, tonite you will do the 69 with than man you don’t know at all but call as your husband!”. I can’t stand these sort of people, most of them in India and a lot in other parts of Asia. But atleast you can say that this is part of the culture and it’s not an individual thinking differently to do so. It’s no excuse but it’s explainable.

But what do you say to this watch field of dreams online

the salton sea download ? In a situation that I can only call as child abuse of the inventive kind, this moron & his wife have named their kids Adolf Hitler & Aryan Nation. A local shop had refused to make a cake with the inscription for little Adolf who turned 3 on December 14th, saying that it was inappropriate. It’s inappropriate to name your son after a mass murderer and your daughter after a racist ideology. I mean, are the parents fucked up in the head? Have they smoked something a little too much? What is their excuse for doing such a fucking stupid thing as naming your kids like that?

He should be castrated and she should be flogged for even thinking about those names. Wanna bet that the kids end up as pyschopaths?

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4 thoughts on “Some Folks Should Just Not Have Kids”

  1. Tell me about it. I work with children and adolescents and some of the parents I come across in my apply for a small loan opinion are not fit to be parents. It makes me think that people should require some kind of license in order to be able to become a parent. But then I’ll have people telling me we are impinging on others’ human rights. (sigh!) But what about the rights of the children who are in some way or the other being abused?? Hitler and his siblings are going to have emotional scars all along…who is going to answer to that form of psychological abuse??

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