Some Tips For Maintaining Your Home Oven

Easily prevent an expensive and troublesome breakdown with regular cleaning and upkeep. You also get the most out of your home warranty contract this way, as most policies assume you do basic maintenance already. If your oven has stopped working, the problem is most likely with the gas line, and will require professional oven repair. Looking out for reliable appliance repair & services like ASAP Appliance Repair in your area is the safest best.

However here are some maintenance tips:

1. Gas Cooktop : For a gas cooktop, remove the covers off the burners. Wash the covers with dish soap and use a towel soaked with vinegar for the burners. Do not spray any cleaning solution onto the burners, as it can damage them.

2. Lubricate the Blower Motor : The blower motor controls a fan that blows hot air around inside the oven during cooking. Lubricate the motor with oil at least twice a year to keep internal temperatures constant. Your owner’s manual tells you what type of oil to use and how to apply it properly.

3. Be Careful with the Glass Window : The transparent window on most ovens can shatter if struck and exposed to heat for too long. Be careful not to impact the window during use by pushing pans all the way in before closing the door.

4. Ensure Airflow : Avoid having dirt, debris, or other obstructions blocking the airflow and keep the motor running efficiently by vacuuming the back of the appliance occasionally.

5. Check for Defects : General troubleshooting is an essential oven maintenance tip. Check your manual for details and remember there exist separate processes for gas and electric ovens. For example, if one heating element shines brighter than the others, it may be damaged and reduce the lifespan of your oven.

6. Cleaning Without Heat : As mentioned, the self-cleaning option can cause component failure. Instead, try cleaning without heat.

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