Something I’d Like to Learn More About

I’d like to learn more about the universe, the stars, the planets and galaxies. I would like to learn about the possibilities of settling on one of the planets or moons, possibilities of finding life on them and the process of terraforming. I’m interested in things like that. What makes our planet unique in supporting life and how to search out for similar planets to increase the chances of contacting sentient alien life, if it’s out there. I’m sure that it’s out there, although it might not be remotely similar to what we have cooked up in our comics, novels, tv & movies. There’s got to be something somewhere, otherwise it’s a huge waste of space and unlike people who are bogged down by the though that humans are somehow very special either a fluke or freak of nature of by the grace of some invisible bogey man god spirit in the sky.

I’d like to know about what it takes to get humanity into space and settling colonies on various planets. What will it take & cost to get your community onto a huge spaceship the size of a small city and flying in space and searching for a new planet. How long will it take to create a new civilization on one of these planets and how will we survive. What will we need to take along with us, what can we grow on the way and on the new planets. How much of a challenge will it be to do all this and achieve the goal of living on a new planet successfully. All of that stuff. The earth is not gonna be able to sustain us forever and we will eventually need new homes. And this is possible; not in my or your lifetimes. Not our kids or their kids or their kids’s kids. Some day in a few generations, not too many, we will have to go out and find a new place to stay. And hopefully we won’t screw those planets as badly as we did this one!

But the science & facts behind it all is what I would like to learn more about.

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3 thoughts on “Something I’d Like to Learn More About

  1. Have you seen that series The Universe? I think it was originally done by the History Channel in the US. It is excellent. I love anything to do with space and the planets too and love thinking about quantum mechanics and black holes. My whole family and I sit around and talk about space for hours. It’s so interesting!

  2. Always an interesting & fascinating topic isn’t it, ladies? Won’t you join me in space as I zip around in my spaceship.

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