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Theresa Sokyrka is a lot like her voice – bouncy, cheerful, sweet & lovely. She’s a spirited & jovial person and it shows in her song. Her first claim to fame was being the runner-up in the second season of Canadian Idol. Since then she has released 3 albums. Something Is Expected is her second outing, released in 2006. Theresa took all the money she earned off her debut, These Old Charms, which was a covers album and put it into the creation of her all original showing.

The album starts off with the number Believe Me, a song berating the object of the singer’s affection. The album itself is more rockier than her usual style. Unrequitted love seems to be a common theme here; Bluebird, which just features her lovely sad voice accompanied by an organ is a woeful lament of not being loved back in return. The Enemy is a surprising dig at big music labels; not wanting to confrm to the ‘tits & ass’ and hip shaking of pop music, she states that ‘if you can’t market me, then I see you’ll see the end of me”.

Falling Out has a danceable beat, courtesy guitar & bass lines,  Here I housing loan comparison Am is about the fame that accompanies celebrity status. This song also features Theresa singing in her famous scat style towards the end. River Bend is a ballad about longing to see more of the world. This is just a lovely song with longing lyrics. Sandy Eyes is a sweet song and her second single of the album.

Something Is Expected is the next track and it’s moody lead guitar break almost steals the show but for the almost psychedelic structure of the song. Tell Me Why is the best song in the album, with it’s laid back musical style and her introspective lyrics. I’m not sure who the ‘she’ is that is reffered to in the lyrics but I suspect it’s her soul or her music. Waiting is about accepting your short comings but it’s lyrics seem to tell that the far more experienced person is not necessarily the better person. Without Waking is another song that seems to be about the music industry and expectations. alliance and leicester loans Yours Is Yours is about a jealous  lover (hidden meaning) who wants a lot but will not give or share.

Here’s Theresa singing Tell Me Why @ The Red Room in Vancouver.

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