Something’s Not Quite Right

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Something’s not quite right with the team and I am worried. And not just from a working perspective. It’s from a personal perspective as well. It has slowly crept up and the usually tight knit group has had some cracks showing up here and there. The team has issues and it’s up to me to get it right.

  • The senior lady member has it mostly all together and the only problems come when she has a family problem – sick small kid or the kind of stuff that comes with being married. But she is mostly solid and a rock in my team.
  • The senior guy is also seemingly stable and worry free. He has a steady girlfriend and has lots of friends and seems to be enjoying life. The senior two people have been with the team since we started and hence monotony is their only major concern.
  • The next senior guy and the MIS person for the department – and the oldest of all at 34 – is about to be a dad for the first time. I also suspect that his marriage is a little tough on him and the expectations are high. He can get frustrated pretty easily.
  • A girl who moved from Operations to the training team 1.5 years ago is one of my major concerns at the moment. She has become extremely aloof and withdrawn and I suspect her private life is to be blamed here. Not too sure. But she seems to be completely immersed in the training batch and even skipping lunch at times and seems too tensed up. I am worried about her; she’s also the youngest.
  • Out of the 3 junior guys, 1 is about to be a dad. His concerns, with a baby on the way in a couple of months is understandable, and with little help from home too. I am not sure what I can do for him, since he needs more financial help and I’m at a total loss there since even my issues haven’t been sorted out.
  • My two other junior boys have the same issue – 1.5 years after promotion and not a penny to show for it. The company fucked with them big time. Evil ways of the corporate world. Victims of the system. Again, I do not have a way out for them until 3 more months.

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I have such a wonderful team who can do so much and achieve so much. And they are all wonderful individuals. I need to be there for them. I need to bring back that lovely team spirit and camaraderie that is usually the envy of other departments. I can and I must. I have to.

I just have to!

3 thoughts on “Something’s Not Quite Right

  1. You are very sensitive to pick up on any potential problems in your team. If anyone can fix things, you can. I hope it all works out.

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