Sons Of Anarchy – Season 1

Sons Of Anarchy is an American television drama series created by Kurt Sutter about a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club operating in Charming, a fictional California town. The show centers on Jackson “Jax” Teller (Charlie Hunnam), the son of the late founder of the club who is currently the VP and stepson to the current club president Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman). Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO), is an outlaw motorcycle club with deep roots in the town & surround area of Charming. Although they front a legitimate club & garage/repair shop, they make their real money in illegal ventures such as guns & smuggling them. They have many charters in the rest of the country but the show focuses on the founding chapter. The Redwood chapter is headquartered in a clubhouse adjacent to the Teller-Morrow auto mechanic shop. The townsfolk and some of the law officers adjust to the bikers due to them providing protection, support & avoiding hard drugs within the county.

Vietnam war vets John Teller and Piermont “Piney” Winston (William Lucking) co-founded SAMCRO in 1967 and settled in Charming the birthtown of John’s wife, Gemma (Katey Sagal). In 1993 John died and Gemma remarried Clay Morrow, the youngest founding member of the club. In season 1 Jax becomes a father when his druggie wife Wendy delivers a baby boy Abel. Due to her drug problems Abel was born 10 weeks premature with a hereditary heart malfunction and a hole in his stomach. Jax is divorcing Wendy and gets sole custody of the baby. In the mix comes returning former Charming native Dr. Tara Knowles, Jax’s ex-girlfriend who left as things got complicated between her & Jax and was practising in Chicago until a relationship with an ATF agent becomes too dangerous for her due to his obsession. When a rival club cleans out and then destroys their illegal arms warehouse, SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original) executes their own sense of justice in retrieving their guns. Meanwhile, family issues take center stage with a medical emergency involving Jax Teller’s newborn son. As the club deals with the aftermath of their illegal arms warehouse attack, the Deputy Chief of Police poses a new threat to SAMCRO’s reign over Charming. Jax continues to worry about the fate of his newborn son and begins to question the club’s rough way of doing business. Opie’s financial struggles leave him with a difficult choice. When the young daughter of a prominent Charming family is assaulted during a visiting carnival, SAMCRO races the authorities to capture the assailant. Meanwhile, a new shipment of guns arrives from their IRA connection with an additional price.

The club travels to Nevada to store arms with a brother club, The Devil’s Tribe. When the Mayans pose a threat, Clay decides to “patch over” the Tribe, making them an official SOA charter. AnATF agent begins investigating SAMCRO. Gemma hosts a town fundraiser, which brings the ex-club member responsible for Opie’s arrest back to town and into direct conflict with Jax and Opie (Ryan Hurst). Clay deals with protecting a perverse parolee who can lead to a big payoff. ATF agent Kohn continues to investigate SOA. A small favor for Piney’s old war buddy turns into a big problem for SAMCRO. With Clay detained, Jax must step up to handle the situation. When old bones are discovered on the outskirts of Charming, Clay is forced to deal with secrets he buried long ago. Meanwhile, the club sets its sights on prize money, backing Half-Sack in a bare-knuckle brawl. ATF Agent Kohn’s investigation turns personal when his true intentions are revealed. With the IRA gun payment looming, SAMCRO scrambles to come up with the cash. The Mayans and Nords take a drastic step in strengthening their alliance. And Jax finds himself in a dangerous position with Tara. SAMCRO plans retaliation on a rival MC while dealing with a wounded ally in the clubhouse. Meanwhile, Jax, Bobby, and Opie aim to put an end to the gun debt for good. With ATF Agent Stahl pressing the women of SAMCRO, Jax sees Chief Unser as the key to the club’s salvation. Tara still reels from the Kohn situation. And Cherry reveals some interesting information about her past to Gemma. When one SOA member is arrested for murder and another goes missing, Jax must choose between friendship and the club. Meanwhile, Abel grows stronger and is soon to be released from the NICU, but he is not the only one coming home.

When Agent Kohn attacks Tara at her house, she pretends to seduce him before reaching for a gun. In the struggle he gets shot so she calls Jax. Kohn antagonizes the two and so Jax kills him and burns his body in the woods. In need of cash to fund Bobby’s defense, Clay’s solution leaves SAMCRO in a vulnerable position. What is supposed to be a happy homecoming for Abel ends in more turmoil for the club. As the ATF agent leads Clay to believe that Opie had betrayed the club, Tig (Kim Coates) & Clay decide to kill Opie in secret. However a hooded Tig shoots Opie’s wife Donna by mistake and at the same time the Chief tells Clay that Opie hasn’t turned but was being setup. The death of his wife devastate Opie while Clay & Tig must deal with having killed a loyal brother’s wife.

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