Sour Milk In My Coffee?

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at a medical lab / clinic in Kadavanthara (Ponnurunni area) as my mom had to go in for a scan and a mammogram. We left after an early lunch and took a 4 wheeler auto taxi, driven by a woman, that took us via the new AL Jacob bridge route. The ride was ok although my mom has some difficulty in getting in the slightly elevated vehicle inspite of the step. We made it there by 2pm and paid at the counter for the procedure. After a brief wait we went to the first floor where some of the tests are done and sat in the smallish waiting room. As there were less seats and a wait of atleast 45-60 minutes for her turn, I decided to let her wait there while I went outside.

I walked a few minutes looking for a small cool bar or a hotel so I could get a cool drink and I found a hotel. I went in and took a seat at a table at the far end and when the waiter came I asked for something cold but they had none. Not even a lime juice! Not wanting to get up and go further away from the lab, I asked him for a coffee instead. A couple of minutes later he brought me a medium sized glass of coffee with milk. I took a sip of it and immediately knew that there was something wrong with the coffee! It tasted terrible and either the milk had got sour or he accidentally added something else (like salt or some spice) along with the sugar! I managed two sips but it tasted so bad that I left very quickly and did indeed find a store near by and drank a nice cold Mango drink to get that awful taste from my mouth.

I came back in 30 minutes and there were some seats available. I settled in one and skipped through 5 Outlook magazines waiting for scan and mammogram to be completed and by 4:45 pm we were outta there. We hailed another taxi and came back home and I went to a small store nearby for some provisions and a little snack for our evening coffee.

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