Speaker-less, Music-less Me

As regular readers of my blog and those who know me well will know, music is my passion. If I had to live without my music – that would be a fate worse than death. I need my music, almost about as much as I need oxygen, water, a roof over my head, food and coffee. You get the picture! I listen to my huge collection of mp3s on my pc and I have some of them also stored on 1 GB space on my iPod shuffle and my BlackBerry Curve 8320, so I can listen to them while on the move as well.

While listening to music through the earbuds on the Curve & the ipod is a necessity when you are out in public, I do not really like it. I like to be in an open room and let the music pour out through my computer speakers (at this very moment, it’s a classic: We Built This City On Rock n’Roll by Starship blaring on my system). So you can guess my despair when I came home on Wednesday night and switched on my computer, clicked on Winamp and tried to play a couple of Metallica songs and…..nothing! No sound. I checked and saw that the speakers were light up. A quick check told me that the adapter was plugged in right and everything seemed to be in order but still there was no green power light to indicate that the speakers were working (the speakers adapter is plugged in to another outlet). I rechecked and pulled the plus out and checked to see if the wire was loose. No it wasn’t. Bugger!

I haven’t realized how much I have come to depend on my routine – listening to music once I come back home till around 11 pm and then watching a movie or tv series episodes until I feel sleepy. Without sound these things are not possible. I’ve also been accustomed to having music playing while I read my favourite blogs or browse aimlessly through images & websites.

Wednesday night went by with me just reading for a while as I waited for sleep. Thursday evening, post work, I walked all the way from Shenoy’s Junction till Kacheripady looking for an electronics store from where I could buy a new adaptor that would suit my purpose. There were none. Dejected I drank a couple of stiff vodkas and came back home. I read and waited for sleep. Friday I went out around 12 pm to Palimukku and on Electronics Street, I found a shop that had the same brand & make of my now broken adaptor. Rs.180 exchanged hands and I was back home in 30 minutes and watching the pilot episode of Caprica.

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