Spreading Fear

Yesterday I received an email, which was sent by a member of my company’s clients who is also a former colleague of mine at Aspin Wall, and which was also addressed to the other members of my team. It had an attachment and the subject was just one word “Kruis” which I did not understand, so when I saw it I had no idea what it was.

It turned out to be one of those chain mails that I hate. The attachment was a foreboding image of a scary looking  Jesus and the content of the mail was something like please do not ignore this mail. You must forward it to at least x number of people and you will receive some kind of reward or some shit. It also stated a few people who did not download the namesake movie forward it and instead ignored & deleted it, and bad things happened to them. Like one man’s son died and another lost his business, a third person lost her leg in an accident, so on and so forth.

So this is how you spread Christianity? By spreading fear!! What nonsense! So this is your loving god, who will kill / harm you if you don’t spread this fucking crap!!! Who starts these bullshit emails? And why do people forward them? I wanted to speak to that person and ask him to stop such rubbish but I was busy with a training batch and hence did not get time until it was 7 pm. But I am going to now.

I deleted the damn email right away as I do not want such drivel clogging my inbox and taking up valuable space in the office server. So if I die, you know who is responsible!! :P

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4 thoughts on “Spreading Fear

  1. I have no clue Meleah. I always get these Hindu idols image chain mails – send this Ganesha image to 20 people and the woman of your dreams will come into your life and proclaim her love for you / All your wishes will be granted – kinda crap. I delete them without a moments glance and my closest friends know better than to waste time sending me religious junk. But this was an office mail sent from our clients office. I can’t stand it.

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