Spring Cleaning My Blogroll

My frequent readers (all 10 of you) would have noticed that there’s a reduction in the number of blogs that you see in my blogroll. No your eyes do not deceive ya! It’s true; I’ve been trimming the hedges or shaving the bushes or…er sorry but why does that make me think of shaving privates? Never mind, back to the topic at hand. So, I’ve begun cropping my blogroll and the only criteria in removing a blog from the list  is that usually I haven’t found a post that holds my attention in the first page or atleast 1 out of the first 10.

In many case I’ve found that the author hasn’t updated in weeks or months and has probably abandoned the blog altogether. In some cases they have just moved their blog to another location. There are many blogs that I have only visited once in a few months and those have been removed as well. As I find that some bloggers have changed their style or content drastically that I no longer am interested in reading them. Nothing wrong with their writing just the content and me don’t gel.

Along the way I’ve also been introduced to other blogs that look interesting and I find myself linking them to my blog and hope that the author continues writing such good posts. So please check out the latest updates if you notice any.

6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning My Blogroll

  1. Dude! Made the cut! :) So cool.

    I know what you mean about cleaning house though. Sometimes, folks just sort of disappear from their blogland. It’s sort of a weird ‘relationship’ really. Must admit though, summer is so very much not the good time for my blogging. It’s either too hot, or I’m in the garden killing weeds, or well, it’s just usually too hot. Bit of a sissy. :)

    Come cooler weather, back with a vengeance!

  2. I didn’t like deleting the blogs from my list though. I always thought that I could keep up with a huge list but it didn’t make sense keeping them on the sidebar if they haven’t blogged in months. I had kept a link there because they had such good posts but not one since Jan 2009! I kept hope that the blogger would come back but he hasn’t touched it yet.

  3. Im constantly updating my blogroll! Adding and removing Adding and removing! Thankfully over all these years we’ve both managed to STAY on each other’s!


  4. Yes we have. But I have a question for you : if I don’t keep you, my most faithful reader, commenter & personal biggest cheerleader, on my blogroll…..then tell me who will I keep? :) hugs hugs kisses!

    Oh, by the way, that brings to my mind an image of you in a cheerleader outfit with pompoms and shouting out slogans! ;)

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