Star Trek: Are Humans The Biggest Villains Ever?

The Star Trek universe has given us a lot of wonderful thing, including the various alien races that look realistic & comical at the same time. From the Vulcans & the Kingons to the Borg & the Romulans. They are either friend or foe and there has been much debate as to who the greatest villians are. However the answer to that is probably man himself!

Think about it – the most dangerous situations have been involving a human villain. Khan Noonien Singh was a super human, in strength as well as in intellect. He almost proved to be the better in confrontations with the crew of the USS Enterprise – the first time was  in an episode of the Original series and then in Star Trek II.

Shinzon (whose likeness is shown in an artist’s work) from Star Trek X is another example. A clone of Captain Picard, created by the Romulans as a plan to infiltrate Star Fleet, Shinzon was later abandoned in the mines of Remus. Remans would take care of him and as he grows older he is filled with a hatred of Romulans and his quest to use Picard for his needs (he needs blood transfusions from Picard in order to survive). The Enterprise & Picard is almost destroyed.

april fool s day dvd And then there’s the living vessel in Star Trek I download hood of horror , which turns out to be a 20th century satellite, Voyager 6 or V’ger, lost in a black hole, found & given life by a race of living machines. V’ger obtains a vast amount of data in it’s travels and 300 years later it comes back to find it’s creator on Earth. In it’s wake it destroys a few Klingon ships and a Starfleet space station and poses a great threat to Earth.

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Just like in real life, humans are the most destructive race we have encountered. I’m absolutely intrigued by current & future themes of Star Trek. I will be discussing the creation of the Borg (V’ger may or may not play a role in that) in the days to come.

3 thoughts on “Star Trek: Are Humans The Biggest Villains Ever?

  1. I think that any race that considers themselves the alpha-race of the galaxy is going to be dangerous, because they will assume they have the right to anything they find, to use anyway they feel is necessary.

    ~ Kristi

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