Star Trek Continues : Lolani

The second and much awaited episode of Star Trek Continues was released on their website a couple of days ago and onto Youtube a day back. In this episode the crew encounters a troubled Orion slave girl—but can they rescue her without causing an interstellar incident? Much like the first episode I am impressed and a little bit stunned by authentic this low budget “fan film” show continues to shine & impress and looks almost like the original thing.

The Enterprise comes across a Tellerite freighter drifting in space and try and hail it offering assistance. Scans indicate 3 lifeless bodies, all Tellerite, and an Orion lifeform. Captain Kirk and Spock head to the transporter room after asking the crewman on duty to beam up the Orion. By the time they get there, the Orion Slave Girl that they had beamed up has the officer, Kenway, held at dagger point, having initially surprised him with her charms. She pushes him into the path of Spock & Kirk and runs away but is later cornered. Kirk manages to take the dagger from the injured Orion and she is taken to sickbay to heal under the care of Dr. McCoy. Dr. Elise McKennah, the ship’s consellor is brought in to help ease the newly arrived Slave girl and wins her trust. The Orion Slave Girl says her name is Lolani (guest star Fiona Vroom) and that she was sold by her slave master to the owner of the Tellerite ship and that the other two Tellerites fought with her new owner ending in the deaths of all 3. She two was injured but managed to avoid any fatal injuries. Kirk has quarters assigned to her and Dr. McKennah acts as her guide for a tour of the ship. Lolani is charming and engaging, even more than the natural pheromones that Orion females secretes that most males of any species find irresistible.

She uses her abilities to try and coax Kirk into letting her stay and asks for asylum. However Starfleet Commodore Gray (guest star Erin Gray) informs Kirk that by Orion law, which Lolani is under, she is supposed to be returned to her previous owner who can then keep her or resell her to another bidder. Orion females are very popular “commodities” trafficked through the  slave markets of the Orion Syndicate and despite what humans or any other members of starfleet may feel, they are obligated to bide by the Orion rules or risk an inter-stellar war. Lolani also builds a rapport with Kenway, after she apologizes to him for attacking him as she was beamed up to the Enterprise. Kirk gets word from Spock & Security Chief Drake, who had gone to the Tellerite ship to investigate, that they have come to the conclusion that Lolani killed 2 of the Tellerites with her dagger. Lolani, fearing that she would handed back to her slave master, tries to escape from the Enterprise with the help of Kenway by stealing a shuttle but are stopped in time. The crewman is confined to quarters until his next duty shift and Kirk asks McCoy to prepare and vaccinate every member of the crew from being affected by Lolani’s powerful pheromones. Kirk has Spock do a mind meld with Lolani during which the true picture comes out – heavily abused by her slave master, she was defending herself from equally cruel & vicious Tellerites and killed them in self-defence.

Meanwhile her previous owner, the Orion Slave master (Lou Ferrigno) has reached the Enterprise and is beamed aboard. Kirk hopes a civil welcome and dinner with the senior officers will convince the alien that Lolani, and all females of their species, have more worth and shouldn’t be kept as slaves. However, even though he makes a solid argument using earth women and Dr. McKennah as an example, the Orion says he wants to be on his way. Kirk receives a reprimand from Commodore Gray, when the Orion complains to his government and Starfleet is warned to abide by their laws. Gray tells Kirk that he is to obey the decision and let Lolani be taken away. Lolani bids farewell to the Enterprise crew and is beamed aboard the Orion ship with her slave master but just as they move away they ship explodes killing both the Orions. A devastated Kirk goes to the quarters where Lolani stayed during her brief time aboard the Enterprise and finds a recorded message left behind by her. In the message, which Kirk broadcasts to the whole ship, Lolani states that the time has come for a change in her culture and that Orion women need to be freed from slavery. Kenway asks for time off to go and visit her family and Kirk hands over the recorded message to him, asking him to play it for them.

Excellent episode, well done yet again guys! Hard to believe that this awesome stuff is so low budget and a fan made project that runs on donations and has no big studios helping them out. Which is why ofcourse the gap between episodes 1 & 2 is 3 months. I officially love the 2 episodes that Star Trek Continues has put out so far, more than the 2 big budget JJ Abrhams directed movies! Yes, this little budget show knocks them biggies on their asses with a collective sucker punch! Negatives – no Chekov, very little Uhura (she barely says a line or two) and Sulu. The Canadian actress who plays Lolani, Fiona Vroom, sounds odd (meaning very North American accent) for the alien role at first but midway she captures your heart and soul and does a fine job. Bravo!

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