Star Trek or Star Trek IX

I have never waited so long or this eagerly for a movie to be released and for me to watch it. The movie turned out to be good but not as good as I thought it would be. It’s too much stuff in one movie for it to be considered great.

Let’s get one thing straight; the storyline was created to give the movie makers freedom to give the franchise & characters an alternate reality & not refer to the older stories. So is this the Star Trek that was not? Or is it Star Trek only in name? Let each fan decide!

  • The new design of the ship is cool – retro and yet futuristic.
  • Eric Bana’s Nero is the least complex and least convincing Trek movie villain.
  • Both Romulus & Vulcan destroyed? The nerve of the movie makers!
  • Zoe Saldana as Uhuru & Anton Yelchin as Chekov have done commendable jobs as the young (and alternative) versions of the legendary characters. And Zoe is hot!
  • Sulu is played as a ‘less sure of himself’ than the calm, serene and always in control version that we’ve come to know and love. Having said that, I thought that John Cho is a good choice.
  • Simon Pegg’s role comical but irritating at the same time. I wasn’t sure of him before and now I’m certain – he’s no Montgomery Scott!
  • I was surprised by the choice of Karl Urban as Bones McCoy. The new doc has taken a few lines from DeForest Kelly like ‘My god man! Are you insane?” It’s a bit eerie how he sounded just like Kelly!
  • Chris Pine is a poor man’s William Shatner. I didn’t like this guy at all for the choice of James T Kirk. There’s just a couple of scenes where I felt he exuded some form of charisma!
  • Give the casting some due credit – we’d better check and see if Zachary Quinto is infact actually the spawn of a human female & a Vulcan male. Damn good job as a ‘tortured’ Spock.
  • Speaking of whom, the original Spock, Leonard Nemoy is great in his role. I felt that he was necessary to make the movie feel as legimate as possible.
  • Best actor on the set – everyone please give a big round of applause for  character actor Bruce Greenwood as Captain Christopher Pike. Strong performance, which is somewhat aided by the fact that his character isn’t as popular or well known as the others. But still, kudos!

9 outta 10!

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