Star Trek: TOS Women 10

As promised, I’ve got not one but two hot women of the 60s for you today. And that’s  because, the episode Spock’s Brain has a smaller side role for Sheila Leighton, who plays ‘Luma’, the second in command of the Eymorg and the only other speaking role of the Eymorgs (the main character being Kara).

Luma was encountered by the landing party from the USS Enterprise in 2268 as they attempted to search for Spock’s brain. She was startled by their sudden appearance in their underground complex and attempted to stun them, but she was stunned first by Captain Kirk. Kirk then attempted to interrogate her for information, but she was unable to help because she only had the mind of a child.

While I’m so happy for the eye candy, the episode is ridiculous and perhaps indicative of the campiness and explains why TOS was canceled. I mean, TOS had some really great episodes, storylines and concepts. And then they also had crappy stuff. Spock’s brain is removed and he is still alive. Ok, I’ll take it that it was done by a highly advanced medical technique and therefore possible. But then, with a neural stimulator connected to a remote control Dr. McCoy is able to make Spock walk and do things. Like a robot. It’s laughable – and the fact that Bones kind of gets ‘revenge’ on Spock by literally making him do his bidding. Imagine Jerry doing something like this to Tom in that loveable cartoon.

Anyways, Sheila had a very short career in tv. She also made appearances in some shows that were popular at the time and the disappeared. A very funny scene is when the almost ‘bimbo-esque’ Luma declares ‘Brain? I do not know this brain?’. I actually laughed out loud. Oh Sheila, I still have the hots for you the way you looked over here back in 1968.

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