Star Trek: TOS Women 6

Exotic, sexual, a mixed background, curvy as hell, you can’t go wrong with BarBara Luna. She’s of Italian, Hungarian-Jewish, Spanish, Portuguese and Filipino descent, and what a delightful recipe this is, resulting in a beautiful, multi-talented person.

Luna is famous for her appearance as Lt. Marlena Moreau & the alternative universe version of Moreau in the episode Mirror, Mirror. In this episode Kirk, McCoy, Uhura & Scotty are accidentally beamed to an alternative universe’s Enterprise. In our world Malena is a recently assigned Starfleet chemist for the USS Enterprise, while in the alternative universe she is also Kirk’s lover. Apparently she was the Captain’s partner in every way, and privy to all of his most private secrets. Lt. Moreau knew her Captain’s most sensitive secret of all: that he hid the deadly “tantalus device” in his quarters, and that with it, he could kill any enemy with the single touch of a button, without them even knowing what hit them.

Marlena is fueled by ambition in this mirror universe and that’s why she is with the captain. However, even knowing that something was amiss with the captain, in that he was not her Kirk but one from an alternative universe, she still came to his aid. When Kirk, Scotty, Uhura & McCoy are about to beam back to their world, she initially asks to come along. But it isn’t possible as the beam can only hold four lives. She stays back on her ship as our four heroes beam back to theirs.

2 thoughts on “Star Trek: TOS Women 6

  1. One of the most stunning women I ever saw, even on Star Trek. I can see the Filipino! :) She’s amazing. Gave me dreams as a boy.

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