Star Trek: TOS Women 8

As I watch the episodes of Star Trek: TOS for the first time since I was a very young kid, I realize that they had some really repetitive and for this Sci-fi & Star Trek fan atleast, very weak premise. You know, the Enterprise rendezvous with either another star ship or Star Fleet members who haven’t been heard of in a while or have been out of communication after their last mission to a planet whose inhabitants haven’t yet reached warp drive capabilities. As soon as the crew beam over or beam down, we see a very Earth like setting, usually early to mid 20th century or much older. The missing Starfleet people are either dead or held captive by the inhabitants of that planet. And there is a corrupt former captain! And the inhabitants are very human like! And they have been influenced by some aspect of Earth culture, which we have long abandoned by the 23rd century, and the Enterprise crew has to intervene as they are caught in the thick of things.

It’s Roman or Nazi or American culture and it gets very repetitive. I prefer the other episodes. Anyway, the episode I saw this afternoon features a culture on a planet which is much like old Earth, but with some roles reversed. Chinese or Native American looking Kohms (or communists) and outwardly savage Yangs (Yankees) who look like European origin North Americans but with Native American similarities in culture. Amongst the Yangs are two who are caputured – Cloud William, a leader and Sirah, played by Irene Kelly.

Sirah was an inhabitant of the planet Omega IV and part of a cultural faction on that world called the Yangs. In 2268, she was captured, along with Cloud William, by the Kohms. The Yangs were at war with the Kohms, who were being helped by Captain Ronald Tracey in violation of the Prime Directive. While Captain Tracey was trying to trick Cloud William into executing Captain Kirk as a heretic and blasphemer, Spock used his telepathic abilities to cause Sirah to acquire a captured communicator and activate it. As a result, Lieutenant Sulu transported down with a security team and arrested Tracey, thus fulfilling the Yang superstition that “good must always overcome evil”.

One look at Irene as Sirah is enough to bring out the primal urges in me. Red hair, busty, curvaceous, long legs….need I explain? Red hair and big bust is enough for me to go gaga but that whole cave girl, tribal chick look gets me hot & bothered. Granted all she seems to do in the episode is scream and then is forced to bring the communicator over to Spock by his mental powers. Still, she fits the bill.

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