Star Trek: TOS Women 9

Ok Star Trek & Sci-fi fans and….anyone else who love women, today I have a double treat. Not one but TWO hot women of the 60s who guest starred in the Original Star Trek series. This angelic looking babe to your right is Marj Dusay, a tv actress active from the 60s onwards. She starred as ‘Kara’ the leader of the Eymorgs on the planet Sigma Draconis VI. She was responsible for stealing the brain of Commander Spock in 2268. She and her people although living in a technological society do not understand it, and are controlled by a central control system that enables them to perform tasks associated with their advanced society. “The Great Teacher” however was losing power, and Kara connected Spock’s brain up to it to supply power to the central control system.

Kara appears on the Enterprise bridge at her own will and with the power of a device tied to her arm, subdues the crew of the ship. We then see her place her hand on the forehead of an unconscious Spock. Off camera, she operated on Spock and removes his brain and then leaves the ship; the now helpless Vulcan lying on the operation bed. Kirk and his team go out in search of Kara and her species and find them with just hours to spare to save Spock’s life.

On the ice cold planet, the away team discover that the men are savage & primitive and controlled by the women who live in a sophisticated and technologically advanced underground habitat. Although at first captured, Kirk and his men manage to get away and get Kara to tell them how the knowledge is passed on to her – wearing a device on her head temporarily transfers great knowledge to her and that is how she managed to operate on Spock and remove his brain while leaving him still alive. McCoy uses this device plus his own medical knowledge to save Spock and restore his brain back where it belongs.

Marj Dusay, now 74 years old, known for her roles on American soap operas. She is especially known for her role as “Alexandra Spaulding” on Guiding Light, a role she has played on and off since 1993. She also appeared on Santa Barbera for 2 separate seasons.

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