Star World Is Downright Lame

Cable tv in India pretty much sucks. If you want to watch English language series that is. The biggest channel that runs English language shows is Star World – they have pretty much killed off the format that works and instead have resorted to showing too many reruns and showing different episodes of the same series on multiple nights. Good if the serial is something that you like, bad if it’s something that you don’t.

Reruns of Friends are running amok on Star World. This is every day and even though I am a big fan of the series but how many times can they show the same stuff again and again? Ok, everyone loves Friends and I do too so we’ll give them that. Desperate Housewives on multiple weekend nights? Prison Break too? Bringing back reruns of Baywatch Hawaii – come on, how low can you go?

A few evenings back I noticed that they were also showing Pamela Anderson’s VIP on multiple nights too. VIP, really? How many episodes can you watch Pam bounce her twins in pink outfits while running around? Then there is the dumb Indian chat shows – Coffee With Karan. Now they have brought back grandma Simi Garewal’s show Rendezvouz? Oh come on! That is so fucking lame.

About the only good thing showing on now is Castle. Mondays through Thursdays, which just started this week. I like this show a lot but trying to catch it every night at 10pm is going to be tough. I prefer the once a week format. Almost everything else on Star World sucks!

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