Starbucks In Cochin?

When did Starbucks start selling its wares in India and that too in Kerala? How come this is without my knowledge?

Well they actually haven’t and I have been waiting for them to announce that the Seattle based craze is going to start opening branches in India (there has been talks but I don’t know when is the date of their launch) and in Kerala in particular. Cause I live in Kerala. I’m dying to try out the different types of coffee that Starbucks create. I would be willing to sell you my liver for a few cups of the coffee bliss.

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The reason for this post is that I saw a smashed Starbucks paper cup (like the one on the left) near my office yesterday. Since the company doesn’t sell their stuff in India, I’m wondering how it got there. Is it possible that some guy came from the US (or any country where they do have Starbucks) came all the way to Cochin with a cup of Starbucks coffee with him, drove to the Kalamasserry area, saw my office, knew that I work there and left the smashed cup to mock me? You know, because he has access to Starbucks and I don’t! That bastard!

19 thoughts on “Starbucks In Cochin?

  1. Not liking coffee I can’t comment on the quality of Starbucks, but we have them here on just about every street…

    I’m sure it won’t be long now..

  2. Yes that’s what I here but I think it will take much longer for them to come to my area.

    You’re a tea person eh?

  3. Haha! I can imagine the package dripping as they deliver it to me home. It would be worth it just to see the look on the delivery guy’s face as he hands over the package and I rip it up and gulp down the coffee.

    Welcome to Awake & Dreaming Phaedra! :)

  4. Forget Starbucks, Think about Burger King – not one franchise.
    Now they have Mc.D all over India, but not in Cochin – Cheese Burger with no cheese.!!

  5. LOL, I’m sure once Lulu opens these companies will soon start their franchises here. It’s a prime location right? Oh and I was surprised to see that there is a new KFC outlet being opened on MG Road, near Pallimukku.

  6. No element of surprise in the new KFC franchisee. You see the KFC@GoldSouk is packed with customers day and night. Now it is easily accessible for people living in FortKochi, Panampilly Nagar and nearby areas. Kaloor is more closer to MG Road since Pullepady bridge was opened to public.

    When can we expect anything at Lulu.

  7. @Rhys : As long as it’s within the Ravipuram-Edapally area, it’s good for getting maximum customers from Cochin. However we could get traffic blocks and people unable to find parking spaces if the franchises get too popular. I’ve seen the KFC@GoldSouk being packed with people during the evening hours.

    As for Lulu, who knows what we can get there. It’s gonna be huge; that’s for sure!

  8. I’m also a great fan of Starbucks. When will it come to Kozhikode? Or atleast Kerala? I love to try it out.

  9. No idea Roslin. When I visited Chennai last year I finally did get to try Starbucks. Will be expensive but I think we need a few in our state. If it does come it will be in either Cochin or Trivandram first before coming to Thrissur & Kozhikode. Have you tried Costa Coffee?

  10. Sorry , I haven’t tried Costa Coffee, but I heard a news that its coming at LULU!!!

  11. Yep. I first went to Lulu in February of this year and they said it had been open for 2 months by then.

  12. Oh God! I totally had no luck, I went there yesterday but didn’t even thought about Starbucks and I didn’t knew that it was there :(

  13. Hahahaha. You found a very, very old post of mine. Yeah it has finally come. Hope to go there soon.

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