Feel The Humidty

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“Ironic isn’t it?”, said Roshan to himself! He ran away from the heat & humidity from one place and landed up in another with a similar setting. Hot nights, sweat poring down his skin and causing him discomfort and misery. Sapping away at his energy and his will to work & causing his body to balk at the situation!

Lol, my attempt to think of myself like a character inside a novel. The fact is that the training conditions are so terrible at my new job. Picture this, 18 trainees squashed inside a room with very little ventilation, two fans that vainly try their very best to dispatch cool air to the occupants. Computers blocking their view to the front of the room, wires & cables all haphazardously (is that a word?) taped to the floor and the sides and the desks. If you are not careful you might trip on said wires or pull them out of their sockets and the monitors could conk off. To walk from one end of the small room to the other is like going through a maze!

My only consolation is that this is a temporary office that was signed on at the last moment, as none of the other available centers had enough rooms or had the infrastructure or allowed our company to arrange for such infrastructure. Feeling of irony is all over the stratosphere. And the heat saps away at our energy – most breaks we trainers head straight for the nearest stores to drown ourselves in their coldest soft drinks.

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