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Although I have a copy of the 1994 movie Star Gate that started it all for this franchise, uptil a couple of weeks ago, I had not watched anything else that the SG universe had dished out. Until I stepped into the dvd store that I frequent and was shown the dvds of the season 1-3 of Star Gate Atlantis. Man, do I like this series or what!

Ok, for those who don’t know Stargates, devices used to travel through great distanced in space, were created by a much more evolved human race called the Ancients who seeded the humans on many planets across galaxies. Our team find out the mythological city of Atlantis on a planet called Lantea, in the Pegasus galaxy, submerged under the ocean by the Ancients after they were defeated by the Wraith.

Our group of milatry personel & scientists battle the Wraith (who were humans infected with the iratus bug and mutated into human feeding immortal freeks) and try to settle on Atlantis as they can’t return back to Earth due to lack of power to establish a wormhole using the Stargate. They try to establish allies with the humans living on different planets but come across some hostile races as they look for power sources for Atlantis.

The Wraith finally reach the lost city of the Ancients as they know about Earth and her huge human population which can provide a rich feeding ground for them. Just before they arrive, milatery backup arrives from Earth who have finally managed to esatablish a wormhole link with Atlantis and they defend the city against the attacking Wraith. As season 1 ends, heavy casualties include a presumed dead Lt. Ford who is attacked by a wraith.

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  1. I still like SG:A but I will try to look out for SG:1. Yeah, I read about the new series and hopefully they will show it on cable here. If not, there’s always Torrent files!

  2. If you like the first season, then you have to get the rest Roshan – you will love it! Just a minor correction in your description – they don’t stay in the Pegasus Galaxy because they can’t go back – that was something that they knew – if you recall, in the Gate Room at the SGC, Dr Weir says something to that effect before they enter the Stargate. As I said though, the following series just get better.
    Try SG-1 too – as there are some cross overs in the latter seasons. As Dave has pointed out, SG:U is coming out soon – and I can’t wait to take a look at it!

    Since you are into downloading stuff off the web, try and find a series called Defying Gravity – I think that you will like it! Oh, and also try to get Harpers Island – you should enjoy that one too.
    Still waiting for the pictures!!!

  3. I have the first 3 season on dvd – am watching the second at the moment. I know that they can’t go back home in the first but by the second they can, with the Daedalus ship. I love the show and my fav is ‘Rodney McKay’ and his incredibly sarcastic and funny comments! I like the chicks too!

  4. My favourite is McKay too – whenever he sees something bad, the look of terror on his face is priceless! I was only pointing out the error, because you wrote that they settled on Atlantis because they couldn’t return to Earth – that isn’t true. They had always intended to settle on Atlantis.
    Wait until you see Ronon Dex – I think that his character is better than Lt Ford, although you will see more of Ford later in the series.
    Don’t forget to check out SG-1, although I would recommend watching the Stargate Movie first, because it will help you understand the beginning of the first season.
    PS You always like the “chicks”

  5. I think that they knew that it was a one way trip but they did look for a way to establish a wormhole back to Earth. And once the Daedulus arrived they did go back home and then return, if I am not mistaken.

  6. True – but my point was that your description made it sound like they had to try and settle on Atlantis because they couldn’t get back – which is not true – they were going to settle there either way.

    Hey – where are the pictures from the shashtiburthi? Especially those of Raju?

  7. OK

    I don’t have any more pics. Raju took a bunch of them on his camera and Arun took a few on his cell. The one that I have hosted here and in flickr are sent by Arun to me.

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