Stargate Universe : Episode 19 “Incursion, Part 1 & 2”

As we start the episode we find out that Col. Young had a plan to get Col. Telford back from the brainwashing. The deprivation of oxygen releases the hold that the Lucian Alliance had on him. Young explains the situation to the crew. The gate room is sealed and all nearby corridors are put under guard. The civilians are told to stay in their quarters if and when the invasion occurs.

The Lucian alliance evacuates from their stronghold & enter the agate room of Destiny, watching by the crew. Over the intercom, Young informs the Alliance forces that they are surrounded and locked in, and that he can vent the atmosphere at any time. He demands they lower their weapons. Kiva has Telford confirm that Young can do this, then has her men open the doors using devices which override the locks. The Alliance forces move out from the gate room and begin their assault on the crew. In the ensuing fight, both sides take hostages, Eli & Chloe get separated from the rest of the crew.

Chloe gets a bullet in her leg and so relies on Eli to carry her part of the way. The two parties try to negotiate for exchange of hostages. Meanwhile Telford acts as a spy for the Destiny crew while trying to keep it away from Kiva and her team. The standoff between the Lucian Alliance and the Destiny Expedition continues, but a problem arises which threatens the safety of both groups as we start the continuation of Incursion and the final episode of season 1. TJ, a hostage, being a medic is made to tend to the wounded Lucian soldiers. The Lucian Alliance chose a poor time to dial in. The team shows him a sensor scan of a nearby binary pulsar: a rotating neutron star and a white dwarf orbiting a single point in space. It is emitting high levels of gamma radiation and x-rays. Furthermore, the white dwarf is stripping off material from the neutron star and creating an accretion disk, which it plows through during its orbit every 46 minutes, 37.4 seconds, creating an even greater radiation burst.

Meanwhile a Lucian agent Varro, shows that he is a decent man even if he is with the alliance and talks to TJ while she treats his wounds. The science team has devised a plan to protect the ship. The shields on the side of the ship facing the pulsar are severely depleted, but the shields on the opposite side are much stronger. By rotating power from one to the other, it will buy the time they need to fix the FTL drive. Without access to the primary systems, however, the emitters have to be reset manually on the outside of the hull. Scott and Greer prepare to go outside the ship. Telford is caught by Kiva as he helps the Destiny crew and they both shoot each other. Shooting in the infirmary wounds TJ, threatening the life of her unborn child. Young has to surrender to the Alliance to buy time for Scot & Greer; the soldiers and civilians are separated and put in rooms. Dannick who now assumes command, thinks he has to deal with the problem by executing all the military personnel.

As the episode and the season ends, we see a defiant Col. Young refusing to kneel down in front of Dannick and his men. What will happen to Scot & Greer? Will TJ & her baby survive? And Telford, Chloe & Eli? Stay tuned for season 2.

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