Stargate Universe : Episode 21 “Intervention”

Season 2 started almost 2 months back and I’ve been downloading all the episodes and watching them within a couple of days that they are shown in the US/Canada. Torrent is a heaven sent for fans of this & other shows which aren’t shown in India. Anyway, I hope that those of you who do get this show on your tv channels are engrossed in what I think is the best tv show in the last few years. I like this a lot more than BSG but not as much as I love Stargate Atlantis and the Star Trek shows. But I think that over time SGU will be lauded as one of the best shows ever on tv.

So when we revisit the crew of Destiny, TJ is unconscious and hallucinates that she is back on the planet where some of the crew stayed behind on. Robert Caine greets her and TJ sees that she is not pregnant but has delivered her baby girl. However, in reality the shot that hit her cause a lot of bleeding and her baby died.

Chloe finds that her wound has mysteriously healed and that she is no longer bleeding. Eli lets Scott & Greer in through the airlock. Meanwhile while Telford recovers, Kiva however dies from their gun fight and Dannic takes over command of the Lucian Alliance. Sympathetic Varro has Camile Wray, Dale Volker, and two others use the long-range communication device to call in doctors to treat the wounded. What follows is a big struggle for control of the ship with Dannic willing to use force to get his way. However when Dannic tries  to kill Telford for his defiance, Ginn shoots him in the back first, killing him.Rush & crew gain control of Destiny once again and frees all the rest, The sympathetic Alliance personnel are allowed to stay onboard the ship while the remainder of Kiva’s team are moved to an uninhabited planet.

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