Stargate Universe : Episode 22 “Aftermath”

Dr. Rush is able to unlock the bridge of Destiny but doesn’t tell anyone that he has access. He is also able to fix systems on the ship with relative ease and which stupefy the rest of the scientists on the ship. He can control Destiny’s stops and directions. As he relaxes on the bridge, unobserved by anyone else, his mind brings him visions of his wife, who begins to debate with him. Furthermore, she believes he has no intention of sharing this information with the rest of the crew.

Camille Wray talks with Ginn, the lady who killed Dannic. Ginn tells Wray about how she came to be forced to join the Lucian Alliance, as on her homeworld, the Alliance are feared warlords. Two years ago, Ginn was forced into serving the Alliance at gunpoint, with the threat that her family would be killed if she didn’t comply. Wray reaches the conclusion that Ginn had no choice but to serve. As food rations are made even more smaller to accommodate the Lucian Alliance team who decided to stay onboard the ship, the crew begin grumbling. To leave them on a planet or to keep them onboard is debated by Wray & Col. Young.

Rush decides to stop at a planet, marked in a red X on the system, ignoring the hallucination of his wife who doubts the wisdom of it. The crew needs food and they have to search the planet for it. The gate on the planet does not seem to work, so Rush tells the crew that they have to take a shuttle to the planet and get the gate working again. A team of Scott, Greer, Riley, Vanessa James, Dunning, Dale Volker, Park, TJ and Eli are to go down to the planet. Riley has plotted a course to the gate, and Scott launches after being given confirmation by Young. Due to volcanic activity & turbulence caused by reasons unknown to the crew, the shuttle loses power and crashes down. As the come to, they see that Riley is pinned to his console and he can’t move his legs. The efforts of the group to move the console off  him are in vain as he screams in pain.

As they can’t fly the shuttle anymore, finding & repairing the gate is top priority. They find the gate buried under rocks & gravel and dig it up. Riley won’t b able to make it as they dial the gate and connect to the Destiny. Young goes to meet the team on the planet and speaks to Riley. The injured Riley begs to be killed so he doesn’t have to suffer anymore. An emotional Young uses his hands to suffocate Riley and lets him pass away in the shuttle. Telford and Wray present Varro with the list of prisoners to remain on the ship. There are nine in total, Varro, Ginn, and Simeon among them. The rest are sent through the gate to the planet, while Destiny goes back into FTL. A large gathering is held in Brody’s bar, where Greer leads a toast to Riley. As the episode ends, Destiny comes out of FTL and moves towards a large object in space right ahead in front of it.

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