Stargate Universe : Episode 24 “Pathogen”

The 4th episode of the 2nd season sees Chloe being affected and the crew growing suspicious of her after it is discovered that she is under the influence of a virus given to her by the blueberry aliens. Eli finds her working at a console in the middle of the night and thinks she was sleepwalking as she has no recollection of coming to the room after lying down for a nap. Although he tries to empathize, she walks away. This worries Eli and he talks to Lt.Scot about his concerns and finds that he is not alone in noticing Chloe’s withdrawn behaviour.

Eli is then informed of a communication from earth – his mother’s health had taken a turn for the worse. Using the stones, he comes to earth having exchanged places with a young soldier and meets with her doctors. She had stopped taking her medicines and pneumonia had set in. As the doctor has treated her and she is recovering, he visits her but Eli does not tell her his identity, instead posing as Airman Tracy, whose body he’s inhabiting. He insists that Eli wanted to come but couldn’t, adding that Eli’s working on great things. He notes that Eli heard about her hospitalization, so Maryann tells him to tell Eli she’s fine. Knowing better, Eli tells his mother this, and adds that Eli is worried for her. Maryann simply notes that Eli wasn’t worried enough to come himself.

Young decides to give the Lucian alliance prisoners some freedom, letting them walk around the ship and interact with people albeit with a guard nearby. However things turn ugly when Simeon misbehaves with Lisa and Volker demands that he apologizes to her. Greer, having just come in, pins Simeon to a wall before it can escalate further and locks him up for sometime. Then Greer informs the others that Chloe is missing and that Young has ordered search teams to be formed to look for her. She is found in a trance trying to break open a locker and has no idea where she is. The crew is now wary of her.

Eli approaches his mother once again and tries to convince her that he is infact her son communicating to her in another’s body while his is infact light years away.  He finally is able to convince her when he uses the stones and brings his mother to Destiny using Park’s body to switch with. His mother is elated at seeing him again and promised to take better care of herself and to wait for him to come home. Meanwhile Rush feels that he has a cure for what the aliens have done to Chloe – the chair. By having Chloe use it, hopefully the alien presence within her will be destroyed, leaving only the human behind. However, all it does is knock her unconscious. Rush comes in to talk to Chloe, and she realizes that she hasn’t been cured, but Rush promises her freedom in exchange for help in his equations.

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