Stargate Universe: Episode 28 “Malice”

At the end of the last episode we saw Simeon enter Ginn/Dr. Amanda Perry’s quarters and we find out that he killed her, unaware of Dr. Perry’s consciousness being involved at all. It is Rush who finds her dead body and radios TJ for help. Simeon purposefully strolls through the corridors, shooting out a power conduit to darken the ship. He shoots two guards at the armory, and begins raiding the armory for supplies. Lt. James visits homeworld and reports back that although Ginn, in Amanda Perry’s body, was able to deliver quite a lot of useful data, she is now dead as is Dr. Perry.

Simeon enters the gate room and holds Volker & Park at gun point and makes them seal the doors. He takes Park as hostage and has her hands tied behind her back. Simeon has Volker dial the gate to a desert like planet nearby and enters the wormhole along with Park. After the rest catch up to the gate room, Rush goes off to the planet behind Simeon, followed by Greer, Scott and some soldiers. They find Park alone with a bomb attached to her.

Rush manages to remove the sensor and throw the bomb far away to denote without causing any harm. More soldiers join the hunt for Simeon, who Col. Young wants to be captured although Varro advices against it. The team on the Destiny try to delay the countdown before the ship goes to FTL. On the planet, Scott’s team manages to catch up with Simeon. Since he’s out in the open, Greer is able to shoot him. Greer hits him in the leg. Rush urges Greer to fire again, but Greer’s next shot goes wide and while distracted, Greer gets shot by Simeon. Scott carries Greer back while Rush continues to chase the Lucian Alliance soldier. Through his binoculars, Rush spots a herd of animals,  native to this planet and without Simeon noticing, he plants a block of explosives in their vicinity. Later he detonates the explosives by remote causing the herd to get scared and rush away to safety.

Simeon is caught in the stampede and as he lays down injured Rush approaches him and shoots him dead, avenging the deaths of Ginn and the woman he loved.

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