Stargate Universe : Episode 29 “Visitation”

We start the episode with Brody fixing his still and Morrison, Lt.James & some other crew listening, only semi-interested to Dr. Rush’s discussion on the pattern of the background radiation. The ship comes out of FTL near two planets & just as Col. Young asks for a report from Volker, the lost shuttle appears out of nowhere. Robert Caine, one of the crew who opted to stay back on the artificial planet in another galaxy, calls over on the comm which further confuses the crew of the Destiny. Rush is curious as to how their shuttle could have made it this far, not being space-worthy let alone capable of such speeds. But here is Caine along with the other 7 who opted to stay back on that planet. The crew is also baffled as to how the advanced aliens who built that planet knew where the Destiny would be and when they would drop out of FTL to bring their people back to them.

Pleased at getting a working shuttle back, Col Young asks that the 8 people be brought on board but to take every precaution. TJ wants to meet up with them to see if they have a baby with them (she had earlier had a vision that her baby was with the 8 crew members). She fights back the tears after she sees no sign of the baby, composing herself when Young asks if she’s alright, then quickly leaves. Meanwhile Chloe’s condition is progressing along and there is a new patch of alien skin growing on her arm. Scot wants her to fight it even though she believes that it is too late. Later Greer discusses with Chloe that she may be killed if she changes completely to the blue alien. He offers an apology to her while he still can and they say goodbye. Chloe records a farewell message to Scott, telling him that she loves him and wishes they could have done everything a normal couple would have.

Eli, Camile & Young interview the 8 civilians who only remember going to sleep inside the shuttle, which they were using for shelter from the winter, and woke up just when the shuttle appeared near Destiny. Caine believes that God brought them there.  After recording the interviews with each individual, Wray & Young discuss about them. Wray feels that their memories were tampered with in an effort to hide something. Later when Eli talks with Val on her memory on the planet, blood pours from her eyes and mouth and she collapses. She later dies in the infirmary. On using hynosis on Peter, one of the 8, Wray finds out that Val & Peter both suffered deaths on the planet but reappeared here and are dying again. Peter died from dehydration and hypothermia (freezing to death), Val from bleeding as hit by a blunt object (hit by a falling tree). The others save from Caine are also suffering the symptoms of freezing.

Finally Caine is the only one left alive but he knows that he too will die again. In a recording on a Kino, we see Caine in the shuttle on the planet praying after the other have died and a bright light suddenly blocks out the picture. TJ surmises that the aliens may have sent them back to say goodbye.

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