Stargate Universe : Episode 30 “Resurgance”

Episode 10 of the second season starts with Dr Rush looking for Eli and Dale Volker conducting diagnostics of the ship’s systems. An energy signature which will take the Destiny a day to reach attracts the attention of the crew. The ship dropped out of FTL into a vast field of debris. Eli comments on it being a battlefied, while Camile Wray describes it as a graveyard. They find a familiar designed ship, the same one which Rush & Young visited, and decided to explore it for anything of value. Scott, Brody, and Ronald Greer head for the shuttle wearing Ancient environmental suits, the 3rd of which Brody had repaired is given to Greer. Unseen by the 3 of them as they fly by the debri, a fighter ship activates itself.

The 3 men find a breach in the front of the vessel and Brody & Greer board it while Scott remains back to man the shuttle. Eli sees that a few ships are showing signs of activity and on reporting this to Young, he recalls the away team back to Destiny. 10 more fighters come online and fly by towards the vessel. Brody and Greer make it back to the shuttle as the fighters offer no response to Eli’s friendly message. The fighters attack Destiny with firepower and Young orders his people to return fire. While waiting for the shuttle to reach them, Destiny’s FTL drive is rendered inert. Only the sublight engines are online, and they cannot hope to outrun the fighters.

Suddenly, a seed ship drops out of FTL. David Telford contacts them. Since time is short, he orders them to follow his ship. The seed ship plots a course for the nearby star. Young orders a pursuit course while all power is diverted to the shields. The fighters, now more than two-dozen strong, follow them in, destroying themselves in the star’s corona. Destiny, meanwhile, is able to recharge itself. Volker notes that they’ve evaded the fighters for now, but they’ll catch up once they get around the star. Telford contacts Destiny again, suggesting that they dock so he can tell them his story. The Ursini, the aliens on the seed ship meant no harm and they were finally able to communicate with Telford through a neural interface. With their help & trust he managed to fix the seed ship and come after Destiny.

The Ursini will  help Destiny by taking both ships to FTL and locating the drones command ship; destroying it will render all drone ships inert. The Ursini takes the ship to the place and the drones immediately start attacking Destiny. The drones are overwhelming the Destiny and all hails to the Ursini for a retreat are not answered. With no where to run with the FTL systems being offline, the situation looks grim. Chloe, seemingly possessed about doing some changes to the ship’s systems tries but is unsuccessful. The drones pressure on.

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