Stargate Universe : Episode 31 “Deliverance”

As we ended the previous episode, The Destiny is under heavy attack from the drones. Eli notes that there are hundreds of them, more than their one ship could ever hope to shoot down. Chloe tells Scott that she sent a signal to the Nakai, the blue aliens, who have been following them into this galaxy. Thanks to her signal, however, they now know where to look. Three Nakai ships drop out of hyperspace, as Greer accuses Chloe of betraying the humans. She denies it saying that she did it on purpose as it was the only chance that the crew had. No sooner does she say this when a lot of the drones start attacking the Nakai ships, indiscriminate in their targeting of any alien technology. Using this diversion to their advantage Destiny sets it’s way to the control ship, while Eli & Rush work on jamming the signals coming from it.

Destiny takes heavy damage on approach, but Rush and Eli succeed in jamming the drone signal. The momentary break is enough for Destiny to close the gap and fire on the Control Ship, obliterating it in a few shots. With the Control Ship gone, the drones are dead in space. Rush praises Eli for the idea. The Nakai were hit hard, losing two ships. The third seems to be heavily damaged. Now, the shields are down and they need a couple of hours to repair it before they can go into FTL. Meanwhile Telford has been in contact with the Ursini who claim that they didn’t trust Destiny to escape without fighting and hence took them straight to battle. However in trying to contact their brethren the Usini discover that they could very well be the last of their kind and another drone ship & a lot more drones are on their way towards them.

The crew bring a dormant drone on board in order to study it better and find a more permanent solution. But now the remaining Nakai ship block the way demanding help in dealing with the next wave of drones. Rush adds that this is a chance to cure Chloe. The aliens surely possess the ability to reverse what they’ve done to her, and the alternative is to put Chloe off the ship at the first opportunity. The aliens agree and although with the risk of the Nakai getting all information about Destiny from Chloe and not returning her, there is no other choice. Scott watches as two Nakai approach to take Chloe with them. She is brought back to Destiny by Scott in the shuttle and upon examination, she seems to show no signs of the infection. The new control ship & hoardes of drones arrive.

However a surprise is in store for the crew of the Destiny. They receive an apology note from the Ursini, who are making a suicide run at the control ship. Although their ship is destroyed before it could reach the target, the brief respite allows Rush & Eli to upload the new commands to the inactive drones; after learning about the inactive drone they brought to the ship, they programmed  new commands which set the drones on each other. With minimal shields, they head out to a bumpy FTP jump away from the battle.

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