Stargate Universe : Episode 33 “Alliances”

Label this one as the episode in which Sgt. Greer & Camille Wray bond and finally become friends. As we start the episode Col. Telford uses the communication stones to meet up with Col. Young & Dr. Rush and demands an explanation of what happened. Telford is quick to accept their story since he has more pressing matters to discuss. Senator Michaels (Kathleen Quinlan), the new head of the Offworld Spending Committee, is coming to Destiny to investigate Rush’s “signal from God” – as others on Earth are calling the cosmic radiation that Rush discovered. Rush protests the name, which he didn’t coin, but Telford explains that others on Earth have started using it.

Wray offers to switch minds with Sen. Michaels and talk to the IOA for a way to dial the gate on Destiny by looking for an Icarus-like planet. This may not provide a passage home (as they can only dial to Destiny and not vice versa) but it can provide them with food & other supplies. Sgt Greer switches with Dr. Andrew Covel (French Stewart), a scientific adviser who is accompanying the Senator and is a former colleague of Dr. Rush. Once she is aboard the ship, the Senator is all business but is genuinely glad to see Chloe, who she is very fond of and has known her as a family friend for many years. While at Homeworld Command in the different bodies, Wray & Greer are caught in a massive blast caused by a bomb intended to destroy the offices.

Greer and Wray are trapped in the remains of the building unable to find a way out and with the possibility of more bombs in the base. Telford is out safely and is trying to get to them but the path is blocked by debris. They are also unable to get to the stones to disconnect themselves and return to the ship. It is up to Greer, who is also injured, & Wray to find & defuse the bomb. They run into another soldier, Evans, who initialy helps them but turns out to be the Lucian Alliance spy who set the bomb. When Evans makes his move to hold Wray hostage, he is shot by Greer. Later, as Destiny comes out of FTL and they switch back to their bodies, they are able to tell Col. Young of the situation, before switching back to Homeworld Command. However it takes Senator Michaels & a reluctant Covel with instructions from from former Lucian Alliance member Varro to defuse the bomb. Michaels and Covel prepare to return to their bodies. Rush disconnects the base, returning them to their bodies. Michaels prepares to disarm the bomb.

Although the crew is unable to connect back to Homeworld Command after that, perhaps the communication room in the building was damaged, we later find out that the bomb was indeed defused. And it is likely that Michaels & Covel died soon after as their bodies were exposed to leathal levels of radiation.

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