Stargate Universe : Episode 34 “Hope”

This one was a crazy episode. The crew take turns at the communication stones trying to get in touch with people at Homeworld Command. While they wait for some news Eli & Rush play chess, while Volker and Brody argue over the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey, which Volker refers to by its proper name of “Also sprach Zarathustra”. Chloe sits and after sometime she seems to have been taken over by someone – to the surprise of the crew it turns out to be Ginn!

Young, Eli & Rush explain to ‘Ginn’ about the situation – that she was killed while her consciousness was in Amanda Perry’s body by Simeon and they had assumed that both she & Perry were killed simultaneously due to them having swapped consciousness. cott wonders why Chloe was affected when no one else does, which Rush attributes to her falling asleep during her shift, which relaxed her consciousness enough for Ginn to make a connection. Scott is more concerned with where Chloe’s mind is while Ginn is using her body. Wherever Chloe is it isn’t earth as the crew still can’t connect with anyone on the planet. Ginn is concerned about where she’ll end up if she leaves Chloe’s body, so Eli tries to reassure her by pointing out that they don’t know where Chloe went. A little later “Ginn” starts gasping for breath, as if someone was choking her.

Later Chloe resurfaces back unaware of what has been happening. And then Amanda also appears, taking control of Chloe’s mind, much to the relief and happiness of Rush. He tells her that until something else can be done, he hopes to have Amanda’s & Ginn’s consciousness stored into Destiny’s computer memory. The hope is for finding a way to permanently download their memories & consciousness into new bodies, which Eli is also confident of. By using the chair the memories are stored into the computer and Chloe recovers hours later.

Also in this episode we find out that Volker is sick, having stopped using his BP meds which he was taking for hypertension. A checkup reveals that his kidneys are failing and since dialysis is not possible on this ship the only option is for a transfer. TJ finds two matches and one of them, Greer, readily volunteers. We see a tender moment when Greer walks a sick Volker around the ship so he can see the various areas before the operation. Also a funny moment just before the operation is to start – Brody plays the theme from 2001 on his ipod but when the others find it ominous, he says he will stop it. Unfortunately it plays some Japanese boyband stuff that is so awful and he can’t turn it off, so Brody removes the batteries. Amanda appears to TJ to help her with the operation as power fails.

At the end of the episode, Telford contacts them as Homeworld Command has finally been able to get things working again. Park helps Volker walk around a bit to help his healing process as TJ checks on Greer. On the bridge, Perry appears to Rush. She thanks him for saving her. She describes her new state of being as “freeing”. Later, Ginn appears to Eli. He was initially worried since she hadn’t appeared as quickly as Perry did. Though she cannot touch him, the fact that they can see each other is enough. She reaches out to touch him, but her hand just passes through his cheek.

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