Stargate’s The Wraith

The main villains in Stargate: Atlantis are the Wraith. The Wraith are intelligent humanoids who are genetically close to insects, though they are predominantly human, as the evolved from the humans who live in the Pegasus galaxy. The Iratus bug feed on humans to heal & sustain itself and as it evolved, the Wraith were born. The vampire like Wraith too feed on humans, treating them akin to livestock and regarding the act of feeding as nothing more than natural predation. The Wraith expand their population by cloning as they don’t have natural procreation methods. Most of the Wraith shown in the series are male with most female ones are Queens. ????? ????? ???????? ?????????

Some 10,000 years from the Atlantis first season, the Wraith defeated the Ancients (the original more evolved human race) who then returned to Earth. How the Wraith feed is by a feeding organ on their palm, which they place on a human chest, drawing out their ‘life-force’. The effect on humans is rapid aging, which could lead to death unless stopped in time. Wraith are biologically immortal and do not possess the life-inhibiting proteins that cause aging. ????? ?????

The Wraith do not have any names that we know of but Lt.Colonel Sheppard gives captured Wraith’s human names like Steve, Bob, Todd & most famously Michael. And finally the Wraith travel in huge Hive ships, lead by a Hive Queen, just like their insect counterparts.

2 thoughts on “Stargate’s The Wraith

  1. Todd is actually the one who remains constant throughout the series – more than Michael. The character that plays him, Christopher Heyerdal, played one of the villagers from Tayla’s home planet (his name is Halling I believe) in the first season. If you get the chance, try and find a series called “Sanctuary” – it’s a series starring Amanda Tapping – and he has a role in that too! You will see another familiar face – the guy that plays Ladon Radim is there too (Ryan Robbins).

  2. Michael is the prodigal son of the Atlantis crew and hence he deserved the extra attention. I’ve only seen Todd in his introductory episode in season 3. I’m downloading season 4 at the moment so I’ll have to catch up pretty soon.

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