Starting Life Afresh

Have you thought about making a change, breaking free and leaving for another place to live out your life with a new name, new identity and living a new life? Going somewhere where no one knows you and you can create a whole new life for yourself and even create a fake history of yourself so anyone new in your life will only know you as what you tell them and they accept you for that. Living under a fake identity, a fake alias – making up a background story for yourself and changing things about your past as you see fit too. Carrying none of the old baggage and having people know you only from that moment onwards and they don’t have to know or ever can get to know any of your actual past? Sounds like the plot of  bestseller or a new Hollywood movie yes?

Sometimes I wonder about that and what it would be like. I’d go to a quiet place or a tropical island or some little hamlet away from the rest of the crowded word, if I could create a new identity. Somewhere where no one knows my name or anything else about me. They’d have to accept whatever story I tell them about myself and my past or go by the fake records that I have created. Maybe a new name and history. So as I start this new life on this island or place away from all that I know, I’d be breathing new life into me. None of the old stuff remains and my story is mine to create. A clean slate just waiting for me to fill in with new stories and perhaps make things better and maybe change a lot of who I am. Change stuff that I couldn’t change because of the people I knew but now since I’m alone all that is gone.

That would be the great escape, the escape from my life and who I am. I’m not saying that I want to do it but it’s an idea. If I felt that it would work and if I had the money and I found a perfect place to escape off to I might consider it. The opposite of the Cheers theme – Where everybody knows your name! Where no one knows your name or the stuff that you did or your past life or your baggage. Where you can be who you want to be. Hmmm, sounds interesting!

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