State Of The Year So Far

How is this year shaping up so far? Write a post about your biggest challenges and achievements thus far.

So far it’s been pretty good for me. I’m making more money than I ever have – that’s kinda true for every I guess but at times we get stagnant at a particular salary amount between years and / or different jobs, as I have had happen to me a couple of times. So that way it has been great. I need to start saving some money and keep it aside for a rainy day. And I will be able to do so.

As a personal hobby / collection I’ve been able to start my collection of Star Trek starships (the ones from Eaglemoss) and that has been possible with the increase in pay and the ability to save each month. This is something that I have been wanting for such a long time and as an avid Trekkie, this is near and dear to me. Not everyone will understand it but fuck them! I love it. So I want to slowly get some display stands and display off my collection. Making Youtube videos of them and my food reviews has also been a fun activity for me and its a hobby that I like doing.

No advancement on the love front. I’ve kinda given up hope on that altogether. I am 38 and the girls my age that I would be great as a couple with are all married with a kid or 2 or 3 in tow. That’s not gonna work out and neither is finding a woman much younger with me. I am not a cradle snatcher! The marriage thing might be gone from my scope of things; never say never but I highly doubt that I will be able to find someone going forward. It also kinda hurts that I have met and befriended women recently who are pretty awesome and I will gel with excellently but who are already spoken for.

So overall it’s been a good year so far, almost 5 months in and I hope things keep improving. I might have more news coming up soon. Let’s have a relook at 2015 3-4 months down the line.

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