Staycation Is On

Well as I mentioned earlier I am on a staycation / leave from the office. My first planned leave since I joined this organization back in January of last year. I have had a tough last two months with so many extra hours that it tired the crap outta me. Several days during the last 2 months where I had to stretch for 2-3 hours a day and having to go back home via a taxi or Uber if lucky. That is an extra cost for me. I did a quick calculation and saw that I had worked atleast 72 hours more than was needed on a normal 2 month period.

That is a bit too much for me. So I had planned to take a week off and combined with my 2 weekends that would sandwich this 5 day week, it would give me 9 days of leisure and being away from work and not have to worry about emails and crap. So I applied for one and initially I was going to get it but since there is something important coming up on Friday the 12th, I will have to make it a 4 day leave. Nevermind I will still get a few days of rest and immediately after working on Friday I will get 2 more days off because it’s the weekend. So I took it and yesterday I just slept in late and lazed around at home, eating Oreo cookies and catching up on the tv show episodes of the past week that I hadn’t seen yet.


Today, although I was tired having been woken up by 4:30 am by biting mosquitoes and then going to take a leak and not being able to sleep again, I went out for a while. I got a nice sandwich and a frappe and a while later went to get a beer but I started feeling very sleepy and tired and after one bomber bottle and some prawns, I came back home and slept for a couple of hours. In the evening with some coffee I am more alert and I am watching some Sunday football. I have 4 more days off and I will go to largest mall in India – one which I have never been to despite it being open for 3 years or so – Lulu International.


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