Staying Warm During Winter

Well being from one of the hottest places on earth where there is no winter to speak off works :D Kerala has no winter at all. You get a little chill in the air (which someone from Bergen, Norway or Winnipeg, Canada would call a heat wave) during the mornings of late December and it feels refreshing. So having no winter at all is the best way to stay warm during the months of Nov-Feb. Ofcourse it’s not that I or my fellow citizens like it that way. We would love some cold but not too cold weather. Just enough to chase away the sun’s heat and the humidity during the worst times of the year.

On the really rainy & windy days which is the only cold kinda days we get, when it gets really chilly, the best way is to watch a movie while sipping lots of hot coffee. And covered up in a sheet or a blanket. That’s the only thing we really need.

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3 thoughts on “Staying Warm During Winter

  1. Are you trying to make me cry? *g* When I walked the dog this am it was -17, but with the wind it felt like -29 on exposed skin.I was really, really born on the wrong part of the continent. I get goosebumps if it’s below 24, so I moan and complain a lot for the 8 *g* months of winter.

  2. LOL. When I boil during the hot summer days and sweat as I sleep with sticky sheets on sweltering nights – I dream of snow in Canada!

  3. Have you ever visited anywhere really cold? UK get’s quite cold sometimes, but not like Canada.

    This year we have had a very mild winter, hardly a day below 5c and more arounf 10/11c..

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