Steamed Fish, Chips & Veggies

Spending the day at home was just what I needed. I have been staying home instead of going out more and more. I guess going out means spending more money than staying in, so it makes more sense. I did some work from home as we have a couple of reports to be sent out by tomorrow. I watched a few episodes of Angel, a downloaded episode of Farscape and napped a little. Had about 4 cups of coffee.

Dinner was good; steamed veggies, a big piece of steamed fish and a few french fries along with chappathis. I like steamed / boiled veggies much more than I like it in curries. And who doesn’t like french fries. The fish, although tasty and a type that I usually like a lot, did taste dry and that’s because my Keralite taste buds are used to having masala pasted over the fish either fried or curried. It takes a little used to and I can totally understand why white wine is preffered by folks in the western world as an accompaniment to fish! I would have loved a glass or two of white wine tonight.

The veggies were nice – cauliflower, beans, carrots & lettuce and the french fries were good but surprisingly enough not salty, which I would have thought was a prerequisite for french fries. The chappathis were also on the mostly dry side but well prepared. To chase it all, I had a nice big yellow banana. But fish & chips – how so very British of me! Lol, and I guess it was appropriate that I was watching a preview of the weekend’s English Premier League games on tv!

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