Still & Sparkling

What’s your idea of a perfect day off: one during which you can quietly relax, doing nothing, or one with one fun activity lined up after the other? Tell us how you’d spend your time.

I could do with a mix of both. I’d like a quite morning, sleep in a bit late, leisurely breakfast, big cups of coffee, internet browsing and some music in the background. Very casual and laid back. By 12 pm I would take a shower and shave and get dressed and would want to go out. Maybe some coffee but a few drinks and a long, long lunch and with some friends. That would go on till say 4 or 5pm.

Then it’s home for a small nap and by 7pm it’s back to hanging out with friends or cousins, eating pizza and watching football on tv. Or spending it with them at a social clubhouse, drinking a few and kicking back. Playing some games until late in the night and then having a late dinner with them and then going home.

I’ve had a few days like that and it’s awesome but it’s hell when it’s over and the next morning you cry as it’s all over.

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